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Wether your interests lies in all the action - or just giving back to the community by becoming an Auxiliary Member. We have a place for you. Our members, officers and administrators will help you
succeed and grow.

It's Only A Five Step Process

  • Step 1. Download Application Form
  • Step 2. Fill It Out.
  • Step 3. Return Application Form Or Mail.
    • Old Lycoming Volunteer Fire Company
    • Station 14
    • 1600 Dewey Ave
    • Williamsport, PA 17701
  • Step 4. Wait for us to contact you.
  • Step 5. Come to our Next Meeting

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Auxiliary Membership


You’ll be placed on probation the first year, in order to receive all the necessary training. Don’t worry we will provide you with your own turnout gear – and help you in getting trained.

What Trainings Will I Receive For Firefighting?

A group of courses, spaning over a few months to a weekend class for the following courses.

  • 1. HaztMat – 4hr
  • 2. Essentials of Firefighting – 166hr
  • 3. Basic Vehicle Rescue – 16hr
  • 4. First Aid/CPR

What Is The EMT Training?

An Emergency Medical Technician course load totals 130hrs consisting of…

  • 1. CPR, Airway Management
  • 2. Patient Assessment
  • 3. Trauma/Medical Emergencies
  • 4. Infant & Children

Junior Firefighter Applicants

Anyone between the ages of 14-17. You’ll receive similar training as a firefighter. Minus a few exceptions.

Training Courses Allowed

  • Fire and Rescue
  • Water supply and Hazmat
  • Wildland Firefighting, Search & Rescue
  • All Emergency Medical

Trainings Not Allowed

  • Interior Live Fire Extinguishments
  • Use of Hydraulic and Power Equipment
  • HazMat entry using level A & B with PPE

Duty Hours Ages 16-17

  • School Session Week day (7pm – 10pm) Weekends (6am-1am)
  • Summer Vacation (7am-10pm)

Duty Hours Age 18

  • School Session Weekdays (not after 1am)
  • Summer Vacation Weekends (no-restrictions)

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