About Our Membership

The members of the Old Lycoming Township Volunteer Fire Company are comprised of dedicated men and women who wish to serve their community. Each day we are thankful for their dedication; along with strong leadership to guide us into the next decade.

Fire Officers 2019

Chief:  Matthew C. Oldt

Deputy Chief: David W. Shirn

EMS Chief: Charles E. Kiessling Jr.

Captain: Shawn W. Samsel

Captain: Joseph P. Hopple

EMS Captain: Richard W. Strous

Lieutenant: Joseph W. Hope

Lieutenant: Matthew C. Oldt II

Lieutenant: Josh C. Wilk

Safety Officer: William “Pete” Logan

Fire Police Captain: Gary M. Prindle

Fire Police Lieutenant: Tony J. Rampulla Jr.

Fire Police Lieutenant: John L. Hill

Administration Staff 2019

President: Timothy A. Shumbat

Vice President: William R. Barrett

Treasurer: Larry J. Dincher

Secretary: Heidi A. Samsel