Old Lycoming Fire Company Receives LSA Grant
Friday, March 17, 2023

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Old Lycoming Township Fire Company Receives LSA Grant for station renovations / addition.

The Old Lycoming Township Fire Company has been informed that we will be the recipient of a Local Share Account (LSA) grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to remodel and expand our 33 year old fire station located at 1600 Dewey Ave in Old Lycoming Township.

Thanks to the leadership of Representative Joseph Hamm, the sponsorship of the Old Lycoming Township Supervisors and the guidance of Jason Fitzgerald, we are fortunate to have been awarded this grant in the amount of $1,000,000 to help finance this major community project.

Besides housing the fire company, the station also houses Engine 14-1 (the engine staffed by the Williamsport Bureau of Fire and serving both communities), and MICU 91 (Mobile Intensive Care Unit staffed by Susquehanna Regional EMS and serving at least 10 communities along the Lycoming Creek Valley).

The purpose of this project is to expand our college “live-in” program and move it into the station.  Update and modernize the quarters for Engine 14-1 and MICU 91.  And provide a safer, welcoming environment for our volunteer staff.

The real work now begins, as we must move aggressively forward to make the building project a reality.  

To all those inside and outside the company that have worked so many hours over the last four years to make this day a reality, thank you for all you have done to move us into the future.

Questions contact Chief Joseph Hopple PIO 302-381-1183 


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